Transformation of the Female and Male principle

May 2017, Zeist, the Netherlands


‘Transformation of the Female and Male principle’ is a performance/ ceremony made by Frouk Riemersma, in cooperation with members of the Fibonnacci Choir, under guidance of Marijke van Leersum, and with young people of the Rudolf Steiner School at Zeist under guidance of Myrte Amons.

The ceremony starts with Frouk standing in front of a painting of the exhausted and bony male principle under a weaven cross of metal wire, woven by Frouks bare hands during her life. Slowly Frouk puts the cross of from her back and confronts herself with the exhaustment of the male. Than she ‘turns the page’. Now there is the same image, but the male is standing in light, and his fysical appearance becomes light. Having just one direction to the wholeness.

Than, the seed of ‘authentic human, creative power’ becomes visible, under the light stars of the male. The choir starts to sing the Pater Noster from Peteris Vasks.

By Frouks hands, the seed moves over the ground, over the cross, while it blesses the cross for its potential of counsious-learning in the polarities, and passes the candle with the image of Jesus resuracting the male and female out of the graves.

The candle gives the fire for the 7 levels of counsiousness in the ‘sleeping’ female principle. The female principle is giving her warmth and light to the seed, before the seed is baptized in the living water. The moment the seed touches water it germinates.

The choir sings AMEN; so be it.

The seed comes in his place. Not heigh above people but on the same level. The young people start to sing all the tones they like. The choir and the audience are invited to join.

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Please have a look at this movie about the ceremony.

These pictures give an impression of the ceremony.