The Golden Sun

Connecting people
The European Continent is a fascinating patchwork of many different cultures, languages, traditions and geographical landscapes. Despite all the differences we are in several ways connected to each other.
These days the continent of Europe is facing a lot of challenges. The political alliances and economic trade relations between the countries are under pressure. Misunderstanding and unfamiliarity stand in the way of solving very complex issues.
There is a lack of information and awareness about who we are. Our specialties and unique qualities inhibit solutions on a human scale.
How beautiful it would be if we could practice our understanding and respect to each other with a connection of the heart!

The Voyage of the Golden Sun
The Dutch artist Frouk Riemersma was inspired to create a mobile work of art and a traveling ceremony ‘The Golden Sun’. Developed to practice understanding and connection between the 51 countries in the Continent of Europe. To experience the acquaintance from the heart and awareness that there can be difference and unity at the same time. A connection that inspires and feeds the seed of peace!
The ceremony of the Golden Sun will be performed around a large ash wood disc covered with gold leaf, consisting of 51 parts that fit together like the pieces of a puzzle.
Each part is connected to one of the 51 countries. During the ceremony the 51 participants are connected to one of the country’s. for example; ‘how fascinating that people in the Netherlands are living 6,5 metres under sea-level, without fear of drowning’. By sharing their connection they put the piece of the puzzle on the right spot and the Golden Sun arises.
The Ceremony and the mobile work of art ‘The Golden Sun’ will travel through all European countries.

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