In a thankful moment during the project Twelve Worldreligions, Frouk Riemers realized that people in Europe are often connected in economic and political ways, but not that much on the level of the heart.

A new project was born: Temple Europe

With its wide variety of natural landscapes and its unique artistic heritage, Europe is a fascinating patchwork. With its many different cultures, languages, and traditional as modern customs, it’s a melting pot of many peoples. They all have contributed to the development of independent thought in Europe, while retaining their own identity and authenticity. This is visible in many areas, such as science, humanity, human rights and freedom of religion.
However, throughout European history it has appeared again and again that we do not always succeed in realizing harmonious interaction. How are we doing in terms of understanding, respect and solidarity?

Every day we are exercising our political and economic cooperation. But where do we practice our understanding and respect for each other? Where do we exercise the qualities of the heart?
Frouk Riemersma, an artist from the Netherlands who believes that Art is able to realize this interconnection from the heart and can allow us to actively experience it. She has developed a project called Temple Europe in which all European countries are invited to participate.

Temple Europe is an Art project that will be built somewhere in Europe. It will be a place where people can experience how they relate to themselves, to each other and to the European Continent. A place were representatives of all 51 countries from the Continent Europe will gather every year to practice understanding, respect and celebrate that we are brothers and sisters.
The completion of Temple Europe requires awareness. In addition, it is important that the desire to create this artwork is supported by the Europeans themselves.


To inspire people and give them the opportunity to experience the annual ceremony on a smaller scale, Frouk Riemersma has developed the traveling ceremony of THE GOLDEN SUN.

This ceremony will be performed around a large, wooden disc covered with gold leave, consisting of 51 parts that fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. The sun as the symbol of the awake day consciousness. Every piece of the puzzle is connected to one of the 51 countries.
The ceremony of The Golden Sun, which is the seed of the final Temple Europe, will travel through all European Countries. During the ceremony we are exercising our connection with each other and feeding the seed of peace and understanding.

Would you like to participate in the ceremony of The Golden Sun? Please visit our website.