‘Rosary around the world’

The rosary is a praying bead initiated by the Catholic Church, probably around 1428, by the Dominican Alanus the Rupe. Pope Leo X approved the rosary in 1520.

The rosary was a replacement for the monastic psalm prayers that contained 150 psalms that all needed to be known. The Church found it too difficult for the ordinary citizens, so the rosary was created in order to connect the two important prayers Lords Prayer (15 times) and the Hail Mary (150 times). In later times the rosary has been associated with the devotion to Maria; a feminine expression in the structure of the Catholic Religion.

The Art Project ‘Rosary around the world’ is inspired by the prayer bead of the Catholic Church. It consists of a number of beads, made of clay. They are painted by hand (no glaze) and inscripted by an unique symbol related to a specific locatian and the owner of the bead. The diameter is 15 or 20 centimeter and every bead is carried by a piece of rope. The beads are given to custody to different people who have done good work for the well-being of mankind. For example, the people who have been representatives in the Project World Religions, but also the twelve ladies who participated in the pilgrimage of Mathilda di Canossa, some people in my circle of acquaintances who do a lot of voluntary work, my mother, important teachers in my life and many more.

Blue pearl, South-America. Keeper: Juan Nunez dell Prado

Red pearl Europe, Rome. Keeper: Roberto Sarti

Yellow pearl Africa. Keeper: Ton Poiesz

White pearls Pelgrimage Mathilda di Canossa

Photos: Pieter van den Boogert

The bead-carriers form a symbolic but living chain of people all over the world. They all carry one bead of the chain. The rosary is a symbol that shows the connection between human beings, the rosary counts an undefined  number of beads.

On one day, somewhere within three years ahead, all the bead carriers will be asked to gather on a central place in the world.

For the period of three days, the beads will be put together as a symbol of the living energy that connects everyone and everything on this planet. The bead carriers from all over the world will BE the Rosary, the human chain. They will be gathered in one deep connection, in which they go further than their own longings and act truly the power of the heart.