VABK - School for Art and Selfdevelopment

"How can we live our wisdom and learn to be constantly connected with our inside and outside world?
Art helps you to make a living connection between brain, will and heart in the things that we constantly create.

Art gives the opportunity to reveal your authentic being and to be responsible for the things that you put into the world. It opens the question; who are you and why are you doing the things that you do?

Art invites you to overcome your victimised behaviour, and transform the small ego into a responsible and powerfull instrument that gives you a deep connection with the powers inside and outside yourself.

Then life becomes an Artwork and You are in the centre of it. Looking at and creating with the miraculous powers inside and outside yourself, integrating and transforming them into a new creation."



In the VABK (School for Art and Selfdevelopment, in dutch: Vrije Academie voor Beeldende Kunst), Frouk Riemersma offers a Year School Visual Art, and a rich variety of multi-day classes in which you can practice Art as a modern way of Self development.

In the Year School and Classes you are invited to create connection with brain, heart and hands. The Classes offer you a path of development in which you learn to express from your grownup I and become the creator of your Life.

The VABK classes will be offered at two locations: Zeist, the Netherlands, and Pelm, the Eifel, Germany. Next to these, classes also will be offered on various places in the Netherlands and abroad. All information about the two SAS locations you will in "Locations and Stay Overnight".

To intent the classes, experience is not important; but willingness to learn is.

The Classes will be held in plain English (or Dutch is that suits the group).